Trees bring numerous benefits to our surroundings, including improved air quality, reduced energy costs, and increased property value. However, while trees offer numerous benefits, they can also pose certain risks. In this article and the next, we will take a look at the potential issues that can arise when a tree, or trees, are situated close to your home. Let’s start with the roots.

While beautiful and necessary for the tree’s survival, tree roots can sometimes wreak havoc on your home’s infrastructure. Trees have a complex network of roots that extend far beyond what we see above ground. These roots can spread horizontally and vertically, potentially reaching several times the size of the tree’s canopy.

One of the most significant concerns regarding tree roots is their ability to damage the foundation of your home. As roots grow, they can exert significant pressure on nearby structures, including foundation walls and underground pipes. Over time, this pressure can lead to cracks in the foundation, compromising the structural integrity of your home.

Tree roots are naturally drawn to sources of water, including underground plumbing and drainage systems. As the roots seek out water, they can infiltrate pipes, causing blockages and potentially leading to leaks or sewage backups – this can result in costly repairs and disruption in your daily life.

What should you do if you suspect tree roots are damaging your property? Conduct regular inspections of your property to identify any signs of root damage. It is also advisable to seek the expertise of an arborist who can assess the health and condition of the trees on your property.

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